Interview tips for Digital Professionals…

February 9, 2016

Everyone should occasionally brush up on their interview technique.

Here’s some tips from some of Silverdrum’s key clients;

  • Research is vital, re-read the job spec, look for recent articles about the company, have an opinion on the brand / offering.
  • Make sure you ask about their products and what’s in R&D. You need to have questions.
  • Sell yourself. Give clear and concise examples where appropriate – what the project was and how it came about, how you were involved, and what results were achieved from it. Vagueness won’t wash.
  • If you are in a sales interview (and it’s gone well) soft-close the interviewer at the end of the meeting
  • Think about how the role fits with your ambitions and where you want to be in 3+ years’ time? This needs to be mutually inclusive for employer and candidate.
  • Think about a challenging situation you’ve overcome at work and give specifics on how this was achieved.
  • Be open about mistakes you’ve made in the past – and how you’ve learned from them.
  • Ask about company culture, social elements and what they do together as a team.