How’s The Market?

August 26, 2015

How’s the Market?

If there’s one question I get asked more often than any other by candidates and clients it’s this one.

It’s good.

Only joking…

But what I find people are really asking could be a collaboration of things such as “what’s out there for me”, “where are the current trends / demand” or “how easy is it going to be to secure my ideal candidate / next position”.

So, here’s a very brief overview of what we’re currently seeing across digital media at the mid to senior level of the market.

  • Huge demand for programmatic experience across media owners, agencies and (of-course) ad-tech businesses (DSP’s, exchanges etc)


  • Agencies requiring niche digital specialists (such as paid social) or candidates with rounded experience (including significant digital) for collaborative planning teams across channels


  • We have spoken with numerous talented senior candidates keen to look at new opportunities within ad-tech or at progressive media owners where they can build a stronger understanding of new digital advertising technology


  • Significant demand for talented branded content and partnership specialists across publishers


  • A rise in the demand for talent with a blend of digital operations, project management and marketing capabilities


As digital continues to grow exponentially, we are seeing a wave of exciting new opportunities across both new digital companies and those that are more established, as they continue to build out their digital teams.

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